Your Professional Development Resource

WCA is committed to your education and professional development! Through continuing professional education credits at state-wide conferences, seminars, online education and special events, WCA works hard to bring you the very best speakers and seminars to ensure you stay current with the latest regulations, knowledge, skills and ideas. In addition to your continuing education, WCA sponsored events are an excellent opportunity to keep in touch with your fellow collectors as you come together to learn, share and grow in the spirit of the industry.

Your #1 Trusted Source for Information

WCA is your source for credible, timely and accurate information. WCA is ready and able to contact the entire membership base with critical alerts on a moment’s notice through our broadcast fax and email service. The value of this service is especially realized during the legislative session when a call to collectors to assist the WCA lobbyist during pivotal moments of key legislation is critical to the final outcome. However, information dissemination is not limited to internal communication. The WCA Bulletin is published several times a year and provides the latest in collector news, information and events for collectors across Washington State.