Who's a Member? Are YOU a Member?

If you are a third party-collector, asset buyer, attorney, creditor or vendor affiliate in Washington State, you are a part of the "body" that WCA works to protect and serve. Some collectors are very conscious of this body they belong to, and do their part to nurture it to its full potential. These are WCA’s active, dues paying members. They are the backbone of the association. They take an interest in WCA's efforts, and work hard to ensure its ongoing success.

Other collectors neglect this body. They are either unaware of WCA and its work or they consciously choose to ignore the association. Membership is an individual choice, and each individual choice impacts the entire body of WCA. With so many external regulatory forces threatening our business environment, can we afford to be compromised from within? All collectors belong to the body. Each individual member has the power to help us or to hurt us.

But our strength does not strictly come from our ability to protect the profession and business - it also comes from numbers. Over 38 percent of all licensed collection agencies based in Washington State belong to the WCA, and the ACA boasts a membership of approximately 49 percent of all collection agencies in the United States.

That's a united front.
We need your help to keep it this way.