Public Affairs of Washington LLC

WCA maintains constant vigilance in Olympia to head-off bad bills and regulatory action. WCA employs two full time lobbyist to fight the battles that threaten the entire credit and collection cycle, which is critical to the state economy. Our Lobbyists, Mark and Chet, help to organize our troops and orchestrates our campaigns in a way that maximizes WCA’s effectiveness.

WCA Members always have the satisfaction of knowing that their interests are being well represented at the legislative level.

Mark Gjurasic

Mark Gjurasic, President of Public Affairs of Washington, has been WCA’s veteran lobbyist for over 25 years. On issues of licensing, taxes, and regulation, Mark understands the policies, legislation and process of how a bill becomes law and how to influence bills before they become law. In addition, he has skills and government contacts that have nurtured over the years that have lead to productive relationships with WCA.

Chet Baldwin

Chet Baldwin, Public Affairs Consulting LLC, has over ten years of experience as a lobbyist and attorney in private practice representing clients at the Legislature and with agencies of government. He has built strong relationships with lawmakers in House and Senate Leadership and members of each caucus to expedite the priorities of his clients. Chet’s business experience along with his degrees in Healthcare, Finance, Business Computer Information Systems, and Law make him uniquely positioned to bring unified solutions on a broad range of client issues. He routinely facilitates client meetings with lawmakers, reviews and drafts legislation, and testifies before the Legislature.

Washington Collectors Association